From Swastika. The swastika


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Jörg Lechler


The swastika

Story of a symbol

Thule Italia Editrice, November 2013

Pages: 120


ISBN: 978-88-97691-10-5

Second volume of the series dedicated to the Alpha basic understanding of symbols, myths and history, From Swastika is a study concerning this fundamental and essential slender symbol.

Compared to the first edition - released in 1921 - The one proposed here in Italian, published in 1934 a Lipsia, affected by the rise to power of National Socialism also in part intended for the analysis of the origin of the symbol. This is even more evident when compared with the volume of Thomas Wilson, Swastika - Always published for types of Alpha Thule Italian publishing - from which Lechler has clearly drawn, however, moving away from neutrality by the curator of Anthropology of the Smithsonian Institution

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